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Healthcare Empowerment via Identity, Inclusion, Information, Incentives


Why Hanai?

Women, especially in rural and marginalised settings lack access to basic healthcare - be it information, access, motivation. Based on Hanai’s extensive field work, user surveys, focus group discussions, it is clear that women often do not know what to do in an emergency and place healthcare low in the priorities.
Hanai  bridges healthcare information, identity, inclusion through digital technology. A young healthtech startup built on the backbone of technological sophistication and solid medical and healthcare information, Hanai is already changing the lives of women, one community at a time.

Hanai Jiwa Ibu - a Healthcare App

Our first product targeted at rural Malaysia, Jiwa Ibu (which means mother’s soul) provides women with access to information on maternal, mental health and domestic violence in addition to a complete doctor’s directory and information on COVID-19. We also carry a section with links to services targeted at lower socio-economic communities.

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