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Jiwa Ibu

Cabaran dan perjalanan Ibu dan Bayi


What is Jiwa Ibu?

Currently, minimal or hardly any information on healthcare and nutrition reaches rural communities and marginalised . The potential of millions of children remain untapped due to to poor healthcare and nutrition. There is no formal authority on healthcare information and sadly, many a woman, especially in a rural setting does not know when to act in an emergency or where to go.  

Jiwa Ibu is a step towards systemic change. Instead of always just solving health problems, how can we avoid it?

We provide an m-health ecosystem for women worldwide. Women with smartphones will have access to information, symptom checkers, trackers to enable them to make decisions on when to seek help, chat with physicians. The ability to take charge of their health and their family’s health will no longer be dependent on purely the long walk to a hospital.

Jiwa Ibu is also for healthcare workers in the maternal healthcare service. They will have access to instructional training videos, online courses, patient education materials and other resources to help improve the capacity of health workers to deliver effective service to their communities.


Jiwa Ibu Ecosystem

If you are pregnant, a mother, thinking of getting pregnant and keen on accessing your local and personal healthcare system, join us. If you are a healthcare worker supporting your community, join us.



Mother of young children?

Healthcare professional?


Shamala Hinrichsen

The founding idea

Chief Evolution Officer! 
I founded Hanai after spending four months mapping the rural healthcare dissemination landscape across India. 
I spent time with women in Mozambique and found the problem to be the same while the geographies different.
Hanai and its product Jiwa Ibu is an attempt to bridge the gap - make sure all women can take charge of their lives, regardless of where they are.
A geneticist by training and I switched gears to communicate healthcare and sciences. One of my largest projects recently includes consulting the Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade, Luxembourg, on promoting its life sciences, clean technologies, and ICT sectors globally.

Before Hanai produced Jiwa Ibu

Across the globe

Jiwa Ibu surveyed women of Maputo, Chibuto under the banner of Hanai to identify the current healthcare access landscape



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