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Jiwa Ibu

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What is Jiwa Ibu?

Today, many rural communities lack access to basic healthcare information. There is no formal authority on sharing this information and sadly, many women do not know what to do or where to go in an emergency.

JiwaIbu is a step towards change. Created by Hanai,  the JiwaIbu app provides an m-health ecosystem for women worldwide, focusing on rural communities. With a smartphone and this app, women will have instant access to health information, symptom checkers, trackers to enable them to make decisions and seek help, chat with physicians. The ability to take charge of their health and their family’s health will now be at their fingertips, and will no longer only mean getting to nearest hospital.

JiwaIbu is also for health care workers in the maternal healthcare service. They will have access to instructional training videos, online courses, patient education materials and other resources to help improve the capacity of health workers to deliver effective service to their communities.



Every year, around 300,000 women and 5 million newborns die of causes related to childbirth. If all the world shared the standards of best healthcare, that figure would drop to a mere 11,000 women.The path to get to there is not an easy one as it involves a partnership of government, health organisations, corporates, NGOs and the public. Malaysians enjoy a high standard of healthcare and we have seen rapid improvement in a short time. However, our rural and marginalised communities struggle with access and definitely with information relating to healthcare. There is no formal authority on healthcare information and sadly, many women, especially in rural settings, do not know how to respond in an emergency and how to act. There are many organisations that operate on the ground but lack the technological backbone to deliver, measure, and improve on their impact.  We propose working alongside NGOs and other organisations with similar objectives to leverage local exposure and experience.


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A crucial element in JiwaIbu is data collection and the improvement upon the data collected. JiwaIbu is now geared to collect maternal healthcare data while engaging grassroots leaders, doctors, midwives, and our rural communities. With the data collected, we would be able to establish the specific needs of the JiwaIbu app 'bottom up' approach. 


The original idea for Hanai came from the founder Shamala Hinrichsen spending four months mapping the rural healthcare dissemination landscape in Indiafollowed by two weeks in Mozambique. A scientist by training, she built her career communicating healthcare, moving into healthcare policy. She is Malaysian by birth and has made it a life’s calling to empower her own country, especially those in rural and marginalised settings.  

Team Hanai formed with the expertise of a team of various skills, from many countries who have a common goal - to see social impact, especially in healthcare. Xavier Buillit is the engineering behind Hanai. Patrizia Luchetta contributes with strategy. Sanjiv Gnaneswaran, a fellow Malaysian, living in the UK works on risk and governance while managing Hanai’s finances and two interns Natalia Velasco and Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez are on a journey of learning and contributing.

Patrizia Luchetta

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Shamala Hinrichsen

The founding idea

Chief Evolution Officer! 

Sanjiv Gnaneswaran

The risk and governance

Xavier Buillit

The tech behind it





The 1st pilot

In the project that was run in South of India, supporting 3500 untouchable widows, Hanai’s limitation was mobile phone penetration. We had to resort to printing handwashing flyers and engaging teams of people to do on the ground training. In Mozambique, the government was and still is slow in the uptake of using technology to improve female healthcare as it battles the rages of HIV/AIDS as a priority.


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