August 21st

“At least 800 people died around the world because of coronavirus-related misinformation in the first three months of this year, researchers say.”

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May 28th

Internation Day of Action for Women's Health

Women's Health Matters

This is what today is about. Watch the video and share with as many people as possible!

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April 6th

Jiwa Ibu — the evolution of a healthcare app

The Jiwa Ibu healthcare app for women story does not necessarily begin with walking amidst, or above crocodiles...

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June 10th

We've just created our new Instagram page!
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April 19th

The Advisors Who Keep Us Going

From inception to deployment, our advisors have held our hands. Their expertise, presence of mind, good nature, friendships continue to...

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When to wash your hands

June 8th

The importance of washing our hands throughout the day is often undervalued. Now more than ever this easy task has become crucial. These are some examples of situations where it’s very important to wash our hands.


April 13th

Serendipity in a Team

Serendipitous, the only word to encapsulate the formation of team Hanai. First, there was the me, the founder...

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